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Re: Feed(back/forward)

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Sat Jul 12 1997 - 04:53:32 PDT

Dear Sri.Raghavan,

I am very grateful for your generous words of feed-back and appreciation.

It is not "applause" one is looking for by way of "feed-back" when one is
doing "kainkaryam". Believe me, my true feelings are more in the nature of
"anxiety" ('bheeti') --- anxiety over whether what I'm offering by way of
"kainkaryam" has been thought fit for acceptance and consumption by those to
whom "kainkaryam" is intended. In this case, I mean all the "bhAgawathA-s"
on the "bhakti-list" like your good self.

It is bits of encouragement and kindness, now and then, from people like you
that keeps me going.

Thanking you once again,