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From: N. R. S. Raghavan (
Date: Sat Jul 12 1997 - 10:31:50 PDT

Dear fellow bhagavathas,

It has been a real treat for the mind & heart, going through various scholarly
and bhakti-rasabharita postings on this mailing list (esp. on RPS)by Sriman
Sadagopan & the thought provoking articles of Sriman Sudarshan.
I really admire the twosome. They seem to sweat out a lot for a Noble
cause: being at the Service of the Divya Dampatis through the modes
of `shravana, manana & nidhidhyasana'. I feel ashamed myself that
it takes so much time to read & assimilate the erudite articles that
are being posted, whilst the authors are tirelessly churning out more
and more ratnams from our hoary tradition. 

Let us Pray to the DivyaDampatis to grant them all that is required to continue
this Kaimkaryam.

I thank sri Mani for bringing together the knowledgable and the naivites.