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Re: Naama Mahima

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 23:34:54 PDT

At 08:28 PM 7/10/97 EDT, Sri.Sadagopan wrote:
>Dear Naama SahasrAbhimAnis :
>Sri Sudarshan's evocative essay on the mysteries of Naamaa
>reminded me of PeriyAzhwAr's exhortation to us in his 
>Thirumozhi 4.6 .

Thank you Sir, for referring us all to this most apt and thought-provoking
'pAsuram' of PeriAzhwAr's.

In the past few days I have been doubly blessed ! Readers on the list have
found in the findings of modern clinical pyschology (the two I had briefly
essayed in my posts) "echoes" of our great mystic "AzhwArs" !! One other
reader pointed out to me a "pAsuram" from the "tirumAlai" and the other one,
you have now pointed from the 'tirumOzhi' !

It all only shows that the "voice of the mystic" is no less convincing than
the "voice of the scientist".... if only we'd listen carefully.

Indeed, the former often "sees" the truth long before the latter can get
even a glimmer of it !!

Once again thanks for your most valuable feed-back, Sir,