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About Naamams

From: Satyan, Nagu (MSMAIL) (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 11:50:29 PDT

From: Satyan, Nagu on Fri, Jul 11, 1997 12:49 PM
Subject: About Naamams
To: bhakti digest

As I read part 16 on Bhishma Stuthi by Sri Sudharshan, and 
specifically the reference to Sri Bhadrachala Ramadasa's composition, 
I am reminded of other krithis by Sri Papanasam Sivan and Sri 
Purandaradasa.  I have a concert tape by Sri Madurai Seshagopalan in 
which he has excellently rendered the Mohana Ragam "NaaraayaNa Nin 
Divyanaamam" in Tamil composed by Sri Papanasam Sivan.  This song by 
itself is very moving, and Seshagopalan makes it more appealing by his 
rendition.  One of the compositions by Sri Purandaradasa is "Rama Nama 
paayasakke, Krishna naama sakkare".  There are numerous songs similar 
to the ones indentified above stating the greatness of the Lord's 
names and the associated merits to the one who is singing (reciting, 
uttering et al) and the one who is hearing (listening et al).

In fact, there are a few cassettes focused on a specific Avathara/NAma 
of Sriman Narayana.   Sri Seshagopalan has a series called "Krishna 
Ganam" consisting of compositions by many great composers in Sanskrit, 
Tamil, Kannada, Telugu etc. Smt. Sowmya has a similar recording on 
Lord Rama.  

Even if one does not understand the word by word meaning, one can 
understand the lyrics at the summary level the greatness of Sriman 

I am looking forward to Sri Sudharshan's next posting on  the nAma 
"Vijaya SakhE'.  

Nagu Satyan