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The krama in the Asramams.

From: Krishnamachari, N. (
Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 10:39:56 PDT

Dear Bhaktas:

I read with great admiration the postings on Sri Ahobila Mutt
sampradAyams and Sri Sadagopan's note suggesting that others share the
sampradAyams in other Asramams. We belong to the Srirangam Andavan
Asramam.  I do not have the intimate familiarity with the kramas in the
Asramam, but I do have a copy of a publication called "Tiru Aradhana
kramam" published by the Asramam.  It also contains the sAttu marai part
associated with the nitya ArAdhana.  There will be others in our group
who are more familiar with the Asramam's kramas than I do, and I will
look forward to these bhaktas to take up the task of writing on the
Asrama's procedures.  If anyone needs the ArAdhana kramam or the
taniyans of the AchArya parampara, I can fax these.

-Dasan Krishnamacharyan