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TiruviNNagram - Sri Oppiliappan Koil.

From: Krishnamachari, N. (
Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 09:09:39 PDT

Dear Sri Sampath Rangarajan:

It was great to read your account of Sri Uppiliappan Koil, one of the
few temples with which I am familiar.  I assume
you will be continuing with Part 3 or other parts to cover the akaNda
deepam, anga pradakshaNam etc.  Even more than anga pradakshaNam, akaNda
deepam is perhaps unique to Sri Uppiliappan Koil.  I believe they also
have a anns dAna program (free distribution of food) on all sravaNam
days, where hundred of people gather in the prahArams to get the thayir
sAdam.  I believe for a meagre amount of less than $10 or $15, one can
participate in this service.  The taligai samarpaNam without salt (it is
a delicacy to eat the puliyodharai from the temple), the offering of
salt at the Garudan Sannidhi at the entrance, the dissolving of vellam
in the pushkariNi, etc. come to my mind as part of the visit to Sri
Uppiliappan Koil.  I look forward to your next contribution on the

With Regards,

-Dasan Krishnamacharyan