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Re: Nrusimha Manthram & Kamaasikha Ashtakam

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 05:17:13 PDT

Dear Sri Jagan,

	As you are aware the nrsimha anushtuba manthram
is constituted out of 32 beejAksharams. This manthram
has been one of the very important manthram for
me, ever since I was initiated with this manthram by my
mentor. There are some powerful slOkams out there on Lord
Lakshmi Nrsimhan that are only known traditionally.
These slOkams are passed on from one generation to the
other among the nrsimha bAkthALs exclusively. One of such
slOkams contain each of the 32 beejAksharam as its first
aksharam for each of its 32 paragraphs. I will be glad to
give this slokams to you Sri Jagan. Sri jagan, thanks for
sharing your slOkam/manthram this morning in the net that
was received from jeer. I donot know why, but i had the
urge last week to give you the *nrsimha charaNAgathi
manthrm*. This was initiated to me by mentor an year or so
back. I was asked by my mentor to pass on the same to
*some* qualified persons and also in particular to you.
As you are aware my mentor is a nrsimha upAsakAL.
When i mailed the cassette of instructions from jeer to
you, I thought of adding this in it. However, I felt I
must only pass it on to you when we meet in person next month.
In the meantime for the benefit of nrsimha bhakthALS of
this group I will list *some* of the slOkams that I have come
acroos on Lord Nrsimha as follows. Each of the slOkam
is sometime recited for seeking either some relief or
some specific boon.

1. Sri nrsimha mahA  manthram
2. Sri nrsimha dwAdhasanAma shthOhram
3. Sri nrsimha ashtAksharam
4. Sri nrsimha dwAdhrimsath beeja mAla sthOthram
5. Sri nrsimhak kavacham (delivered by Sri prahalAdhan himself)
6. Runa vimOchana nrsimha sthOthram
7. Sri nrsimhAshtOthra sathanAma sthOthram
8. SrinrsimhAshtOthra  sathanAmAvaLi
9. Sri nrsimha navarathna mangaLa mAlikA

It is advisable that these slokams are to be chanted only under the
instructions of achAryAL or a guru or an upAsakAL. I trust this information
will be useful to the nrsimha bhakthALs.

Sri thAyar samEtha Sri yogappatta Nrsimhan thrivadikaLE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan