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Thiru viN Nagaram, Oppu illA appan kOil - Part 2 - Logistics

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 07:33:34 PDT

Dear bAgawathALs,

I   am   reposting  this  thala  purANam   as
*desired* by Sri Sadagopan for the benefit of
new  members in this group and in the context
of  the  "MaaNikka KoNdai Kaimkaryam" planned
by    Sri   Sadagopan.   Please   join   this
kaimkaryam.   I   support   this   kaimkaryam
personally   and  thank  Sri  Sadagopan   for
providing  me with the opportunity  to  serve
thAyAr Sri BoomidEvi. This article was  first
posted  two and half years ago in this  forum
and was reposted with additions last year for
Sri  Sadagopan's "RatnAngi kaimkaryam". Since
then,  there are some more additions in these
posts  and  hence I believe that the  pioneer
members of this group may also find some  new
information. I assume Sri Sadagopan's earlier
posting  on this kshEthram as part 1 of  this
thread  and will continue on from part 2.

Sampath Rengarajan

Subject: " Oppili appan kOil thala puraaNam "
- Part 2-  - Logistics

     Thala PuraaNam

Udhyath kOdi dhivAkarEnthu subagam
peethambara lankritham
naanaa booshaNa booshitham
navaganach syAmam prasaNnAnanam
lAvanyAm punithim nirasthalavaNam
srichanga chakrAnchitham
sree vaikuNda purAthibam subathanum
boomyaah pathim samsrayeh


This   thalam  is  in  the  taluk  of  "Thiru
Nageswaram".  The  railway  station  is  also
named   as  Thiru  Nageswaram.  The   easiest
approach to this place is by taxi, auto or  a
town  bus from KumbakOnam which is about  3.5
miles  from  here. KumbakOnam, a  semi  urban
town,  is  well  connected  with  Madras  and
Trichy   by  trains.  There  are  plenty   of
boarding and lodging facilities available  in

This  thalam  is discussed as "Vaikundam"  in
Sanskrit  literatures  and  also  as  "aakasa
nagari". The river "naattaaru" that runs here
is considered as
"virajaa" river.

Moolavar:  Than oppAr illappan or  oppiliapan
(oppu  in tamil means to compare i.e...  oppu
illA  appan  i.e.. there is  no  one  who  is
either  equivalent to or more than HIM)

Thaayaar : Boomidevi thAyAr

Ursavar: Same name as moolavar

Prathyaksham or kAtchi kaNdavar: i.e. one who
prayed   the  Lord  in  this  kshethram   and
obtained HIS blessing and had HIS darshan  as

1. Garudan
2. Kauveri
3. Darma dEvathai
4. MaarkaNdEya muni
5. Nammaazhwaar.

Theerththam:  ahOraathra pushkaraNi,  saarnga
theerththam,   aarthi   pushkaraNi,    soorya
theerththam, indhira theerththam

Thirumugam: East facing

VimANam:  sudhdha  Ananda, sudhdha  saththva,

Special  days: Sravanam days of every  month,
brahmOtsavam,  thEr in panguni  sravaNam  and
kalyaana  urasavam  in aIppasi  Sravanam  and
thoppam in thai sravanam are very popular.

Specialty: Perumaal is always accompanied  by
Thaayar in all purappaadus and they are never
separated.   They  both  are  in   the   same
sannithi. Saint MaarkandEyaa also appears  in
front  of  the Lord as the Lord is in  thiruk
kalyaana  kOlam. BhakthALs having  difficulty
in  getting  married  or finding  a  suitable
alliance  for  their sons  and  daughters  do
prArththanai  to this Lord and  offer  to  do
"Kalyaana ursavam". This PerumAL is  a  varap
prasAdhi for kalyANa kaimkaryams and as  well
as  for many other boons. Sravana vratham and
garuda   sevai,   thulAbAram   (simialr    to
guruvAyoor) and all the prArtrhanais intended
for  thirup  pathi are some of the  types  of
prArthanais underatken by bakthALs.

Sri   BoomidEvi   samEtha   Sri   Oppiliappan
thiruvadikaLE charaNam
Sampath Rengarajan


note  : My dear thiru allik kENi bAgawathALs,
Please  forgive me for the long pause in  the
postings  on  thiru  allik  kENi.  Since  Sri
Sadagopan's  kimkaryam is expected  to  start
soon  and that he feels it is apt that  these
postings  are  run  now for  supporting  this
kaimkaryam,  I am reposting this thalapurANam
with some additions. Once this is done I will
try  to continue with the remaining posts  on
Thiru allik kENi.