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Copy of: Need clarification.

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 06:33:56 PDT

Dear BhakthAs : I forgot to copy you on my
note to Sri KrishNamAchAri regarding his two
queries . I am sure there is more to it and 
bhakthAs knowledgable about Thirupathi 
Viabhavam will comment further .
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From:	V. Sadagopan, 75041,3037
TO:	N Krishnamachari,
DATE:	7/8/97 9:58 AM

RE:	Copy of: Need clarification.

Dear Sri KrishNamAchAri : Regarding your queries 
on Sri VenkatAchalapathi , you may wish to browse 
the following URL dealing with Sri BalAji 
( ).
This URL is not widely available to the public.

The sthala purANam section there has a lot of details 
that might interest you . There is  a reference  to
the Lord bleeding profusely twice due to the apachArams of 
a cowherd and a parama bhakthA. Once , he took it
on his forehead and another time on the chin. Paccahi
Karpooram is said to have been pressed to stop the bleeding.
assuage the pain and cover the two spots  , where He was hit ,   

Regarding the Paachai Karpoora Pundram , it is my 
intrepretation that it is a manifestation of the tradition
of offering the choicest and the most precious things by 
BhakthAs to the Lord. Pacchai Karpooram is indeed 
a rare item and has its own coolness like the mountain 
stream . Partial coverage of the eyes can be understood  also as.
a compromise between the different ways in which the pundram 
is worn by the Sri VaishNavAs of two kalais.

Given the intensity of disputes few hundred years ago about
the control of the administraive aspects of the temples , this
line of speculation may not be far fetched !  

Many thanks for the much appreciated support of
ThAyAr's kaimkaryam by both of you . The check for $100 from
Srimathi KalyANi KrishNamAchAri was received yesterday
by me.  Please thank her for me.May the Divya Dampathi's 
blessings be with you and your family always .

Regarding the curtain being placed between the BhakthAs and 
the Lord during Thaligai SamarpaNam , dhOshams are said 
to happen , when the ThaLigai is presented in the open for the Lord's 
pleasure. From ThirumadapaLLI , the covered  Thaligai is usually 
carried on the head of the ParichArakan , who himself covers 
his mouth and  nose with a vasthram during his travel to 
the sannidhi. The purpose is not to have the flavor of 
the PrasAdam get into his nostril or others and there by 
make the offering unworthy before the Lord partakes it.
Thaligai is havis an dhas to be offered to the Lord and 
it is for his enjoyment . Whatever is left after His enjoyment 
is to be enjoyed by us as Bhagavadh PrasAdham . 

The other reason is for people to stay  away from unintended
appreciation of the ThaLigai through their looking or seeing it
and thereby make the sacred food unfit for consumption by the Lord.
Suppose some one says , while watching the ThaLigai 
samarpaNam pass by , " BhagavAn ThaLigai innikku 
amakkaLamA amaainjirukku. Yenna Vaasanai ! Ataa ! AtAA ! etc " . 
That will project the ahankAram , mamakAra DhOsahm 
and make the ThaLigai unfit for consumption by the Lord.

Once the Lord blesses it by partaking it as an UpachAram , then 
it becomes appropriate for the bhakthAs to enjoy the PrasAdham 
that has been made pure by the Lord at the conclusion of the properly
executed AarAdhanam.

With Best wishes ,