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Re: Nrusimha Manthram & Kamaasikha Ashtakam

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Mon Jul 07 1997 - 22:38:03 PDT

At 10:40 PM 7/6/97 EDT, Sri.Sadagopan wrote:
>Dear Sri Jagannath : 
>There are many manthrams for Sri Narasimha BhagavAn .

>There does not seem to be any incorporation of this 
>Manthram in the KamaseekAshtakm . 

The verses of Sri Hayagreeva shtorthram
>and Sri GopAla Vimsathi and  Garuda PanchAsath have the 
>respective manthrams of these deities inn the above sthOthrams .

Not to mention the "garuda-mantram" in the "Garuda-dandakam".

One interesting feature of the first line in the first Verse of the
"kAmAsikAkshtakam" is that it is fully 16-syllabled i.e. a multiple of 8 !
"ashtAksharam" !!!

Also if you look at the first part of the first line it reads :

  "srutinAm-uttaram bhAgham....."

Now if you look closely at the above and split it into constituent syllables
you will get 8 syllables as follows :
  sru + ti + nA + ut + ta + ram + bhA + gham = 8 syllables !!

Further, if you take syllable # 3, #4 and #6 separately you get :

    nA + ut + ram

If you look closely, the above 3 syllables have the phonetic elements

    A  +  U +  ma

The above are the elements of "pranava-shabdham" !!! 

And the "pranava-shabdham" we know prefaces the holy "ashtAkshara-mantram" !!!

Swami Desikan's exquisite verses are deeply embedded with so many such
covert symbolisms that it defies one's imagination !!