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Re: postings from the Malar of 45th Jeer of Ahobilamutt

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Jul 07 1997 - 16:46:03 PDT

Dear Group Members,

I would like to thank Sri Sadagopan profusely for the articles from the
Malar.  I will look forward to the Sanyasa ashrama sveekaram details and of
course number of articles from various experts in that malar.  Finally, if
Dileepan or someone else who is good at scanning photographs and putting it
on the Ahobilamuth page, can do that work too, the request of HH 45th Jeer
would be fulfilled.  HH Jeer asked me if it can be broadcast in the form a
webpage in color. I said yes but I actually did not know how to do it.
Since I had about 4 business trips to India in the last two months, I could
not even get anything started. I am indebted to Sri Sadagopan for taking
the time to do it.  I am sure our acharyas blessings will be there for him.

HH Jeer wants to use INTERNET to have constant contact with devotees and
people at large to spread the message of our scriptures and keep everyone
in touch with what is going on with VISISTADVAITA : both the practice and
the theory aspects ie. the doctrines and religion.  This is a large project
by itself.  By having test trials like how Sri Sadagopan is starting out,
one day that desire of HH jeer will also be fulfilled.  Many local Indian
counter parts are also needed to feed in information as when available for
this.  Hope things will take shape.


Krishna Kalale