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Nrusimha Manthram & Kamaasikha Ashtakam

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jul 06 1997 - 19:40:00 PDT

Dear Sri Jagannath : 

There are many manthrams for Sri Narasimha BhagavAn .
One of the most frequently used one for initiation purposes 
by the AchAryAs of Ahobila Mutt is NrusimhAnushtup manthram .
That is in anushtup metre as the name suggests and starts with ,

" Ugram veeram MahAvishNum
   jvalantham sarvathOmukham I
   Nrusimham bheeshaNam bhadram

The individual words of this Manthram is elaborated by 
Lord SivA in His manthra rAja padham .

There does not seem to be any incorporation of this 
Manthram in the KamaseekAshtakm . There are however two
verses of this Nrusimha SthOthram in Anushtubh Metre 
( Slokam 1 and 2 ) . The verses of Sri Hayagreeva shtorthram
and Sri GopAla Vimsathi and  Garuda PanchAsath have the 
respective manthrams of these deities inn the above sthOthrams .