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Re: Swami Desikan's SubhAshitha Neevi

From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 08:57:09 PDT

At 08:51 AM 7/2/97 EDT, Sri.Sadagopan wrote:
>The great Swami Desika SevAkar , Sri Seva Srinivasa 
>RaghavaacchAr Swamy of Chennai has released few months
>ago a translation in Tamil with original slokams .

Thanks, Sir, for this piece of info. I just remembered a close relative of
Seva swami is a resident of Manama. I will now contact him for the
translation you quote.

>>I asked our members at one time , whether they would eb intereted 
>to have postings on this work . I did not get too much of a response .

As usual "feed-back" from the list perhaps was mute !!

Anyway let me assure you, Sir, I for one would be thrilled to see you post
on the Neevi !

At times of trouble , it is wonderful to
>read the compassionate upadesam of our great AchArya in his role
>as Margadarsi .

I couldn't agree with you more ! Y/day I came across a real stunner thanks
to a friend of mine here :

Here it is :

              gathir-vyOmnA kim tat-garudam-abhi-tankEt chataka:
                pibatvamBha: kshAram na Khalu kalashI-sUnuralasa : I
              kala: kanTE nAda: ka iva mashaka: kinnara patih:
                kaThamchitsAdharmyam kshipati na hi vaidharmaniyam : II

My good friend here roughly translated the above for my benefit as follows :

             If mere similarity between men could signify their equality
then                how easily

             --- taking to the skies would render the house-sparrow the peer
of                  the mighty Garuda !

             --- sipping saline water would render sufferers of flatulence
the                  equals of Agastiya !

             --- mere humming would render mosquitoes the worthy adversaries
of                  celestial songsters !

Aren't the above comparisons simply superb ?!! Don't you agree ?!!