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From: M K Sudarshan (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 05:05:48 PDT

Apropos Sri.Sadagopan's/ Prof.Vasudha's/ Sri.Vijay Srinivasan's interesting
observations on "dveepams" and "meru" mountains.

How relevant are the various "geographical landmarks" quoted in our various
ritual-litanies to actual worship!

Sri.Srinivasan, for instance, talks of the whereabouts of the Meru
non-existent to all appearances !

Perhaps in some pre-glacial era it might have physically existed ?
Geologists state that the large mass of the Indian sub-continent was once a
glacial mass out at sea in the Indian Ocean moving in a northerly direction
from the Antartic area. The mass moved, they say, at an average speed of 1
inch every twelve years!

The mass reached the Asian mainland many aeons ago and in the geological
collision which took place then the mountain systems of the Himalayas rose
and began towering above mean sea-level.

So goes the plate-tectonic theory !

Is it possible then to speculate that all references to
"dveepams"/"khAndams"/ "meru" etc. in our ritual-litanies refer to
geographic co-ordinates of a glacial age when mainland India was really a
piece of land floating out at sea in the vast expanse of the Indian/Antartic
oceans ?

If so, then what is the relevance of all the "dveepam" litanies we repeat in
our rituals when all they do relate to are glacier-age territory and
landscapes ? 

I ask this really out of curiosity. It is not being asked in a bid to
question the validity of the hallowed litanies.