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Swami Desikan's SubhAshitha Neevi

From: V. Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 05:51:19 PDT

  Dear Sri Sudarshan : This didactic lyric consisting
of " wise and pithy " sayings like the Neethi Sataka of 
Bhartruhari and Hitha Bhaashini is a compassionate 
work of Swami Desikan aimed to help us  .

The great Swami Desika SevAkar , Sri Seva Srinivasa 
RaghavaacchAr Swamy of Chennai has released few months
ago a translation in Tamil with original slokams .

I have a copy some where in my collection of Texts
on Sri VaishNavism . Seva Swami sent that to me.
His services to the Kaimkaryam of Swami Desikan 
are legendary . His scholarship is great as well .
I recommend a visit to the temple he has constructed
for BhagavAn HayagreevA and Aananda Lakshmi 
at Villivakkam , a 45 minutes ride from central Chennai  

He can be reached at 2  Lakshmipuram, Villivakkam , 
Chennai 49 ,. His telephone number is 626-8481.

I asked our members at one time , whether they would eb intereted 
to have postings on this work . I did not get too much of a response .
Hence I went on with other things.  At times of trouble , it is wonderful to
read the compassionate upadesam of our great AchArya in his role
as Margadarsi .

Best Wishes ,