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Re: Gita, in prabandam ?

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Wed Jul 02 1997 - 03:07:10 PDT

Yes there are references in Tiruvazmozhi to Bhagawadgita. The reference is
in Nammalwar's works.  He basically says the "path is the one shown by
Kannan".  I will find the actual pasuram soon and write to you. I am recent
addict of Thiruvazmozhi, after reading SMS Chari's first pre-publication
copy of "ALWAR's philosophy and mysticisim".  I am sure Sadagopan can find
the pasurams from other alwars as well.

>Hello all,
>I just wanted to ask a small question:
>Are there any references to Gita in 
>"Nalayara Divya Prabandam" ?. 
>- Desikan.N