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From: usdeiva (
Date: Mon Jun 30 1997 - 19:56:31 PDT

SrImAn V. Sadagopan would know whether any English rendering-cum-gloss
of SrI pAdukA-sahasram has been published by anyone so far.   If
negative, I wd request SrI Sadagopan to consider publishing one, by
making use of his comprehensive postings to the 'bhakti list'.   The
book format would, of course, reorganising the material which we have
been enjoying on our 'list'.  The SlOkam shd invariably be in dEvanAgari
script, with a careful transliteration in Roman alphabet with
diacriticals, and any aruLiccheyal pASurams that are cited shd be
printed in Tamil script.   These are DTP days and this trilingual effort
would be worth it!

aDiyEn rAmAnujadAsan T.S. Sundara Rajan (at Memphis).