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Re: Gita, in prabandam ?

From: Sampath Rengarajan (
Date: Tue Jul 01 1997 - 09:01:25 PDT

On Jul 1,  7:37pm, Desikan Narayanan wrote:
> Subject: Gita, in prabandam ?
> Hello all,
> I just wanted to ask a small question:
> Are there any references to Gita in
> "Nalayara Divya Prabandam" ?.
> Thanks,
> - Desikan.N
> Chennai.
>-- End of excerpt from Desikan Narayanan

Dear Sri Desikan,

	There are several references to the "charNAgathai thatthuvam" in 4000
(we use
this numbers to represent nAlAyira divyap prabaNdam). As per certian Ramanuja
jeer's school, the three thiruvandhAdhis delivered by the three mudhal azhwArs
in dwApara yugam at the krishna AraNya kshEthram (thiruk koviloor), themsleves
represent the rahasya trya sAram. Of which the mooNRAm thiruvandhAthi by
pEyahzwAr is the essence of charama slOkam from Srimad Bagwad Geetha. In 4000,
there are several references to Sri Krishna avathAram and in fact the pAsuram
by thirumangai on geethAchchAryan Sri pArthasArathy perumal, places the Lord in
HIS chariot and describes the scene when Geetha was deleivered. In an inner
layer of meaning It also talks about the relationship between Arjunan and
Srikrishna (our soul and the paramAtma) as explained by Srimath bagwath Geetha.
Sri Viji Triplicane has
explained these pAsurams in our thread on Thiru allik kENi -  part 8J. I am
compiling some information to post and continue on the pEyazwar pAsurams and
vaibavam in this thread that may give some details on the connections. You may
want to read it when posted. Hope this information is a good start if you are
to go searching for these info yourselves.

Sampath Rengarajan