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From: Triplicane Vijayaraghavan (
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 15:27:29 PDT

Mani wrote:

the moolavar and utsavar images had been lost; the former
was buried under the ground somewhere in Karnataka, and
the latter was taken by a chieftain.  Traditional histories
say that a Muslim chieftain's daughter was so enthralled with
the utsavar that he took it so she could see Him all the

Is this uthsavar called "chellapiLLai". i have a heard an anecdote which
goes like this: raamaanusar goes to north india in search this uthsavar
and talks to that muslim king. he tells that he has a lot of vigrahams
which his daughter plays with. then raamaanusar calls "vaaray
chellappiLLaay" and i am not sure what exactly happened after that.
something like that particular vigraham came forward.....
 could anyone recall this..

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