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Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 14:55:21 PDT

	I recently came across the name "Vishvambhara". Could anybody
enlighten me on the name and which form of Vishnu it refers to.
Also I think there is a story which goes like this.
	A very devout poor brahmaNa used to regularly recite the 
1000 names of Vishnu. But one day he could not afford one square 
meal. On that day while reciting the name "Vishwambhara", he comes
to the conclusion that this name cannot be the name of Vishnu. This
was because the brahmaNa's family was starving and "Vishwambhara" means
one who fulfills.(Please pardon is this is wrong. I have *no* knowledge
of sanskrit). So the brahmaNa wipes out this name of Vishnu and from 
that day there are 999 names. 
	Could you knowledgeable people give me a clearer picture on this.