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Re: 108 Divyadeshams

From: Mani Varadarajan (mani)
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 13:20:19 PDT

Thiruvengadam is there (M75).

Thirunarayanapuram is not there. Ramanuja restored the
shrine after it had fallen into disuse. In fact, both
the moolavar and utsavar images had been lost; the former
was buried under the ground somewhere in Karnataka, and
the latter was taken by a chieftain.  Traditional histories
say that a Muslim chieftain's daughter was so enthralled with
the utsavar that he took it so she could see Him all the

Thirunarayanapuram is reckoned as one of the primary
"abhimaana" sthalams -- shrines that are not divyadesams,
but are accorded great respect.