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Re to 74 simhasanadhipati's appointed by Ramanuja
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 10:52:59 PDT

Thanls for this information. I would like to know if the following three 
66. ammangi ammaaL
67. paruththi koLLai ammaaL
68. ukkalam ammaaL
are women  as the names sound like. Also was this tradition continued unto
some later time as well.
In the Alzhwaars  the ratio of Vaishnava to Sree is 11:1 and  in the Mudalis
 it is 71:3, now it is perhaps (4+?):0!

This brings another point which Mr. Sreenivasan brought out:
"Shiva Vishishtadvaita" founded as Veerashaivism by Basvanna. In their
tradition they have a few female characters such as Akka Maha Devi among the 
noted Shiva Sharanas.