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More on the early Acharyas

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 11:12:26 PDT

Let the add the following, while I am at it.

Kidaambi aachchaan came from a cook community. 

Amudhanaar, the priest of Sri Rangam tried to poison Sri Ramanujar,
when he came for "yaachagam". His wife divulged the secret and
Ramanuja was saved. From then on he abandoned the idea of
"yaachakam". Too risky with so many enemies around :-).

Then he became very weak and practically fainted in the heat.
Kidaambi aaccaan was overwhelmed. He carried him physically
and decided to cook food for Ramanuja for the rest of his life.
Hearing Ramanuja's words from the kitchen he became an expert
and Ramanuja named him as one of the mudhalis.

He had a daughter (I forgot the name)  and a son Kidaambi appuLLan,
who was a famous Acharya also. The daughter's son was Vedanta Desikar.
Vedanta Desikar was inspired by his uncle Kidambi appuLLan.

K. Srinivasan