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Guru nanak/Poonnal
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 07:55:09 PDT

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Subj:   RE: Poonal/Guru Nanak/BasavaNNaa
Srinivasan K  said:
>Ramanuja as a child is believed to have put pooNool around
>untouchable children and this was one of the reasons the people
>of Sri perumbudoor turned against his family. He might be the one
>who put pooNool on all the aazhvaars including paaNa in temples.

>From this it seems like Ramanuja was the only one who was trying to bring
back the supposed ancient tradition when evryone used to ware pooNool!

I also have an anecdote about pooNool from my personal experience which
made me even to think about the significance of this thread  12 years ago.

I was sharing a hotel room with my boss Robert Dickson. Bob believed in
RECYCLING long before others in the US had felt the need. He was impressed
by the pooNool around my neck. He praised my ingenuity and was about to
decide on giving me a pay rise. Of course, I did speak the truth and told him
that it was a sacred thread and not a reusable dental floss!

-K. Sreekrishna