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From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Tue Jul 18 1995 - 14:23:42 PDT

thiruvaadipooram, the birthday (thirunakshatram) of Andaal,
falls at the end of this month.  I would like to have an
Andal Page for the World Wide Web done by that day, complete
with traditional portraits, pictures from her birthplace
Srivilliputtur, and a short biography.

I would appreciate any help in this effort, particularly
when it comes to any pictures you can scan in.  I may not
be able to accept everything, but whatever you can contribute
would be nice.  If anyone would like to volunteer to write
a short biography of Andal, that would also be nice. Preferably
someone who is familiar with her poetry so some paasurams can 
be intermixed with the traditional account of her life.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions.