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Adisesha /LakshnaNa /Ramanuja
Date: Tue Jul 18 1995 - 13:16:32 PDT

Well at a lecture last week somebody brought the same topic up (Ramanujacharya
) being the incarination of Lakshmana and hence Adisesha too because of the
same reason that Mr.Srinivasan mentioned, and the person who was delivering said
that in all the avatarams Narayana always went with the whole parivaram that
is Adisesha, Lakshmi etc. He just quoted Ramayana, but now I would like to
know if anyone can say something of the same for all the other avatarams
because as far as my small memory base can stretch I cannot think of anything
for say in Vamana avataram. Can somebody dispel my ignorance in this>