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The 108 Divya Desa Book Project

From: K. Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Jul 13 1995 - 13:23:15 PDT

I wrote:

>If I do, I suggest you send your checks (or cash for small amounts) to
>My son's address: Ravi Srinivasan, 234 Esculea Ave, Apt 7,.
>Mountainview CA. 94040.
>and intimate me the amount immediately by e-mail.
>Mani is also in the same area. If he wants to co-ordinate collection,
>he will let you know his address.

You can also send it to me if you find it more convenient:
K.Srinivasan, 1109 Pl.Gaboury,
St.Bruno, Quebec, J3V 5X4 Canada.

Remember that you should affix more stamps for Canada
since the last 10 years.
Lots of Americans are yet to realize that.
Also it will take a good 7-10 days for mail.

I will send the total amount, "listing the names of individuals and the
amounts" as well ask them to use the name  "Internet Discussion group on Sri Vaishnavism". I will also post the list here.

If you want to do a full sponsorship, you are better
off sending Rs.3500 (about US$125) equivalent direcly to the
address in Madras under your name.

Srinivasan K.

I will send the first unit of Rs 3500 as soon as it is collected.
Urgent action is required!