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Re: Adisesha /LakshnaNa /Ramanuja

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Wed Jul 12 1995 - 11:01:45 PDT

K. Srinivasan writes:
> According Guruparapara prabhavam, (written by piLLaan
> ar the time of Ramanuja's death), ...

Just a small correction. There are two Guruparampara Prabhaavams 
(henceforth GPP), one by Pinpazhagiya Perumaal Jiyar, who lived a 
century or so after Ramanuja's passing, and one by the 3rd Brahmatantra
Svatantra Jiyar of the Parakaala Mutt.  The former Prabhaavam
is called the GPP 6000, since it has 6000 "padi"-s, each padi
being a set of 32 grantha characters. The latter is called the GPP 3000. 
Both are in the Sanskritized Tamil style called maNipravaaLa.

The GPP 6000 is the oldest biography of the Alvars and Ramanuja
we have, and is reckoned by some as a Thengalai version, though
it predates any such split.  The GPP 3000 is more a Vadagalai
version, since it includes some information on Vedantadesika
and emphasizes some characteristically Vadagalai philosophical