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Re: Re. aazhi
Date: Wed Jul 12 1995 - 10:53:02 PDT

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>Yes, some traditional histories have Ramanuja as an
>incarnation of Adisesha. I think Amudhanaar symbolizes
>Ramanuja as a "defender of the faith" by making him
>an incarnation of the divya aayudhaani.

Thus, we can conclude that the tradition holds that Ramanuja is both 
Adishsesha as well as incarnation of the divya aayushaani of Vishnu. We can 
probably rationalize it, if we think of Ramanuja as a representation of two in 
one like the Bala Rama, who is both Sheshamsha as well as Vishnu. 
Also Bala Rama coexisted with Krishna.  Like wise we see Parashurama and Rama 
at the same time in Ramayana(when Rama breaks Shiva Dhanus, Parasurama appears 
at the scene to challange him). We also see a sort of Vishishtasvaita here:
Divy aayudhas-Adishesha