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Re: Chakrataazhwar

From: Badrinarayanan Seshadri (
Date: Mon Jul 10 1995 - 20:10:35 PDT

forwarded mail from (V.Sadagopan)

I agree with Badri"s observations on the Meaning of Azhwars or the Vaishnavite
Religious mystics, who immmersedthemselves in the deep ocean of the experience
of the Divine (Sriman Narayana). Through that direct and unmeditated experience
of the Lord,they had flashes of insight on the supreme Godhead, which poured out
as the Naalayira Divya Prabhandham. This Bhagavad Anubhava or Aparokshanubhuti
resulting from the experience (Sakshatkaara) is a  deeply devotioanl one and
hence  the implications of the intrepretations of Dr. Hardy fall by the wayside.
There is no interest on the part of Azhwars to rule any one or to be the male
equivalent of themeaning of the name  AAndal. She did rule Ranganatha"s heart
and earned the title as Aandal. One Azhwar"s deep immersion experience of the
supreme Lors made him cry out: " Having beheld thy beauty, my eyes have no place
for anything else besides----my eyes having  seen thee can not see anything
else."As Sri K.C.Varadachari has pointed out , they refused to go beyond God or
away  from GOd because of their immersion in him at all times and places.