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SMS chari is in town

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Mon Jul 10 1995 - 11:22:15 PDT

SMS chari has come to US for a short visit. for those of you who are 
interested in some serious questions in visistadvaita or to arrange some
special programs - explanations on visistadvaita or general vedanta or 
any kind of discourses you may contact him.   his details are given in the
mail below.

   SMS chari is in town. he will be here for atleast 3 to 6 months.
he completed the book on alwar. I spoke to him. his telephone is 616-566-3681
till end of this month and then 818-348-8182.  he has sent that book for
review. in fact he wrote a chapter on moksha views of alwars in that.
He told me that he may send you that chapter for your review and comments.
I am planning to get him for a ubhaya vedanta retreat here for a week or two.
I want to plan this in a very organzed and effective way. and organize the
topics to cover some fundamental texts and views. he may even probably
cover his whole text book on alwars. incidentally he is planning another
text t00,, - Bramhasutras and a comparitive analysis of bhasyas of 
Sankara Ramanuja and Madhva.  IT will be really great if he finishes that
book. SS raghavachar wrote such a book but he feels that work has to be
done more thoroughly since authors like THibaut have made powerful statements
which are misleading - such as " the sutras seem to go towards Sri Ramanuja
and the upanishads seem to side shankara" - this is quite a damaging statement
both for advaita and visistadvaita!!. I hope he completes several books of 
that kind. he is here for a heart check up. hope he gets cleared of all these

I feel that SMS chari is a boon to the whole system of visistadvaita and
present and future generations of aspirants of alwars and acharyas. if anyone
needs a detailed understanding of our system - dont miss his text books
which may or may not be in print today. but according to him it will be
reprinted soon.

incidentally, his book on satadushani will be reprinted with an addendum
reflecting his views on - recent advaitic criticisms by N.S anantha krishna
sastriar (Advaita tatva sudha).

his other books - fundamentals of visistadvaita which his major contribution
will be reprinted.

so folks out there... get these books and read them.