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Date: Thu Jul 06 1995 - 11:04:39 PDT

Hello everybody,
	I'm new to this group. I came to know of its existance from
my friend Sriram Ramanujam. I was born, brought up and educated in
Bangalore(Malleswaram). My father and a couple of generations ahead of
him stayed in Anantapur(Andhra Pradesh), taking care of the
Chennakeshava temple. My mother is from Ramanagaram, where my grandfather
was a lawyer. All my grandparents moved to Bangalore a while ago.
	Most of my forefathers were engaged in taking care of the
temple at Anantapur and my paternal uncles were priests there. I came
here for my Master's degree and currently consulting at Bell Labs. 
I learnt nitya aradhane from Sri Madhava Narasimha Bhattar and his son.
At present I am still in the process of learning Mukunda mala and 
reading Srimad Bhagavatam.

	I am eagerly hoping to take part in your discussions and also
be able to give my opinions for whatever I can.

Murli Balu