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One thousand names of Sriman Narayana

From: D Bala Sundaram (
Date: Mon Jul 30 2001 - 22:55:15 PDT

Our Sabha, Srimath Ramanuja Bhakta Bhagavatha Kaimkarya Sabha, Coimbatore has compiled a collection of one thousand names of Sriman Narayana from the Divya Prabhandam and got it printed. The purpose of this booklet is to help those who are not familiar with Samasritham and therefore are not able to chant  correctly the names from the Vishnu Saharanamam.

Some copies of the booklet are with my nephew Ashyanth in USA. Those in USA who wish to have a copy of the booklet may get in touch with him at <>.

The booklet is free of cost.



D Bala sundaram

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