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A doubt about Dvaita

From: Chakravarthy madhavan (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 18:32:23 PDT

Respected & learned members of this list,
I am trying to learn more about our, (meaning Hindu), systems of philosophy. 
As I understand them, the basic premise is that the Brahman is infinite, 
flawless, and changeless.  We argue that the individual jiva and Brahman are 
identical, because there can be nothing besides infitnity.

The other two postulates namely the brahman being flawless and changeless go 
against this argument because the individual jiva is both flawed and 
changing . Advaita has come up with the  maya doctrine only to get over this 

My question is how does dvaita reconcile the infiniteness of the brahman 
with the concept of fivefold differences.

Though this isnot strictly about visishtadvaita, I shall be most grateful if 
you could kindly enlighten me on this.


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