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rangapriyam mamagurum SaraNam prapadye-I

From: Srinath Chakravarty (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 17:03:31 PDT

asmad gurubhyo namaH
asmad paramagurubhyo namaH
asmad sarvagurubhyo namaH

SrI SrInivAsa varadArya krupAtta cinham
SrI SrInivAsa yativarya niviShta bhAram  |
SrI rangayogi varalabdha parAtma yogam
rangapriyam mamagurum SaraNam prapadye   ||

Dear bhaktas:

adiyEn is taking the liberty to write about my
recent experience with undergoing samaSrayaNam
and prapatti under the auspices of SrIrangapriya
mahAdesikan swAmi at the ASTAnga yoga vignyAna
mandiram in HanumAnnagar, Bangalore.

Although we are descendants of thirumalai nallaan,
 under 'Biography' - "Urukku pollAn, emakku nallAn"]
my parents, unable to find an AchAryan from this
lineage during the 1970s (even though Sri uttamoor
swAmi was still in bhoolokam at that time) - sought
samaSrayaNam from Srimad mukkoor AzhagiyaSingar, who
reigned as Ahobila mathAdipati for 37 long years.

In 1993, an erudite scholar, and one of the noblest
of souls, also descended from thirumalai nallaan,
was initiated into sanyAsam by (35th pattam) Srimad
abhinava rAmAnuja parakAlaswami - under the title
SrIrangapriya mahAdeSikan.  Since then, many persons
- including those seeking an AchArya in the thirumalai
nallaan lineage, have been blessed with samAsrayaNam
and prapatti through this mahAn called RangapriyaSwami.

For various reasons, adiyEn had not the good fortune
of SrIvaishNava panchasamskAram for 15 long years
since upanayanam.  By PerumAL and AchArya anugraham,
a series of coincidences occurred recently, making
this 'rite of passage' possible.  First, a major INS
hurdle was overcome on June 28, 2001 - which allowed
me to travel; second - my wife mysteriously quit her
job 10 days prior to that; and third - a 3 week plant
shutdown was suddenly announced at my workplace.

Therefore adiyOngaL were in Bangalore before we knew
it, on July 03 2001.  The very next day we went to
SrIrangapriya swAmi's abode, to offer our dAsasya
vignyApanam and dandavath praNaamangaL. AchAryan was
in the midst of Anhikam to SrIkOdhandarAmar in the
uLsannidhi of the mandira.  Many of the people present
participated by reciting slokams/pasurams during the
ArAdhanai.  This was followed by sARRumurai, mangaLam,
and the distribution of teertham and prasAdam.

adiyEn had questions for AchAryan, and eagerly awaited
my turn to speak.  The questions were about AchAryan's
guruparamparA, about swAmigaL being from the nallaan
chakravarthi lineage in poorvASrama, about adiyOngaL's
prArthanai to undergo panchasamskAram through AchAryan,
and finally, on whether HH could offer some words of
wisdom to console my wife, who had been grieving for
some time over the loss of her grandmother.

To be continued...

SrIvAsa samyami vareNya niviShta bhAram
SrI rangayogi varadivya krupAtta yogam   |
SrI laXmaNAkhya yativarya krupAtta cinham
rangapriyam mamagurum SaraNam prapadye   ||

adiyEn SrIrangapriya mahAdeSikan thiruvadi,
-Srinath C.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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