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sri rama sthuthi- post 9

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Jul 26 2001 - 02:41:34 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

Raama naama prabhavam is limitless. Sthuthi of raama by bhakthaas are also
endless. In the last post we saw how raama pervades in all as sthoola and
sookshmaa- iruthuvum payanum, poovum nalveRiyum etc.  See 
AayE iv ulagaththu niRpanavum thirivanavum 
NeeyE maRRoru poruLum inRi nee ninRamaiyaal - 4-9-7 nam aazhvaar
Here aazhvaar says everything movable and immovable are you- chEthana
achEthana vasthukkaL are you oh raamaa.

This is said by those who had the knowledge of you - oh raamaa- "Yaavan nee
yaavathu enRu aRivinaar aruLinaar" is the kamban line we saw in the earlier
verse. Please see

ARivinal kuraivillaa agal gnaalaththavar aRiya
NeRiyellaam eduththu uraiththa niRai gnaanaththu moorthy -4-8-6 says nam

First you told them through the neRi who you are, then these wisdom words
was transferred to us by these wizards who received them from you. 

It is clear that kamban followed simply satakOpar (kamban sang satakOpar
andhaathi in praise of swami nam aazhvaar which again is excellent for its
simple tamil).

[These were just missed to be included though it was at the bottom of the
draft. Please excuse me for that].

Now let us take up the next and last verse in raama sthuthi by vaali.

UNdenum dharumamE uruvamaai udaiya- nin
KaNdu koNDen inik kaaNaven kadavenO
PaNdodu inRu aLavumE perum pazhavinai
DhaNdamE adiyanERku urupadham tharuvadhE

Meaning for certain words:
DhaNdamE- has become a waste
DhaNdamE- dhaNdanaiyE- this punishment already meted out
PaNdodu- pazhaiyana ellaam- all old timed
Pazhavinai- pazhamaiyaana seyalgaLum adhan payanum- old karmaas
URupadham- nalla padham - nalla gathi- well being

Meaning: Oh, my lord raamaaa! You are the embodiment of dharmam, which is
very much there ( perhaps vaali felt initially dharmam was not there). This
I have realised. I have seen you and realised you who you are. Had the
dharsana sowbhagyam of you. What is there in this world more to see or seek
after seeing you? Whatever sins I had carried over from endless earlier
periods are now a waste and gone, since you have removed them. You, giving
me this punishment of having been hit by your arrow did this. Please give me
refuge under your feet, I am your dhaasan.

1.	It is commonly said "RaamO vigrahavaan dharma"- same thing is put in
simple tamil-dharumamE uruvamaai udaiya (vanE) -chaste tamil- nice  simple

2.	Just rearrange the words- "adiyanERku urupadham tharuvadhE (enbathu)
uNdu, (adhuvE) en (um) dharumamE, (aththagaiya dharumamE) uruvamaai udaiya
(vanE)- nin(nai) kaNdu koNDen- Vaali declares- I have seen you, oh raamaa,
one who has that vratham of granting the refuge to those who seek. What
raama said before accepting the surrender of vibheeshaNa- "Ethath vratham
mama"- vaali realises that ahead and says in his sthuthi of raama. 

3.	Now I seek your feet - adiyanErku urupadham tharuvadhE- please give
me your feet. [declaration of raama is going to come later - but seeking is
already made here. Already sabari got it- perhaps vaali knew this as the
vaanara raaja- king of monkeys- capable spies to fetch messages of
happenings around, and convey across to the king- so raamaa has no other go,
except to give.]

4.	Here vaali says "dharumamE ninnai kaNdu koNdEn, ini kaaNa en? I
understood you, you are the dharmam, what else is there to seek. Aasai-
desire in other things gone. Once that realisation who is the supreme God
and dharma moorthy is obtained, immediately prapaththi is made - uRupadham
thaa- please grant me asylum. 

5.	Because I had the dharsana sowbhagyam of you, will any more
pazhavinai- karmaas are there for me to enjoy their fruits. NO. When light
enters in which way or route darkness goes? - in the same way- all karmaas

6.	In the next avathaaram as krishnaa, the bhagavaan is going to say "I
will give the protection -have no doubt- maa sucha:". But here somebody like
vaali attributes it to lord, that is your dharmam, please give it. Raama
himself has not yet announced, for that came later in the banks of ocean,
but here in forest, vaali says that- a realised soul.

7.	Arjuna says 'after seeing the viswa roopam of you, my friend
krishna, Yes, I have seen you, nothing more I have to see hereafter. All my
doubts gone".  Vaali also says same thing-- KaNdu koNDen inik kaaNaven

8.	This kaNdu koNdEn has a reference in 4000 paasurams- see 

ARinthu aRinthu thERith thERi yaan enadhu aaviyuLLE
NiRaintha gnaana moorthiyaayai ninmalamaaga vaiththu
PiRanthum seththum ninRu idaRum pEdhaimai theernthu ozhinthEn
NaRum thuzhaayin kaNNiyammaa! naan unnaik kaNdu koNden - 4-7-7 nam aazhvaar

After quite a long search, I realised and SAW you, oh, my lord! Then what he
did- again beautifully described-
KaNdu koNdu en kaigaL aara nin thirup paadhangaL mEl
EN dhisaiyum uLLa pook koNdu Eththi uganthu uganthu--   4-7-8 
"I just brought flowers from all 8 directions and started offering to your
feet and enjoy that pooja - offering of flowers. Here vaali says kaNdu
koNdEn, so please give me refuge under your feet- uRupadham tharuRuvadhE.

See another kaNdEn-
KaNdEn thirumEni yaan kanavil aangu avan kaik
KaNdEn kanalum sudaraazhi kaNdEn
URu nOi vinai iraNdum Ottuviththu pinnum
MaRu nOi seRuvaan vali 67 irandaam thiruvandhaathi

See here, we have kamban verse in echo of this - kaNdavudan iru vinaiyum

KaNdavudan uRupadham is asked by vaali- see here aazhvaar says I got it 

Ponni ssozh arangam mEya poovai vaNNa maaya kEL
Ennadhu aavi ennum valvinaiyin utkozhunthu ezhunthu
Unna paadham enna ninRa oN sudark kozhu malar
Manna vanthu pooNdu vaattam inRi engum nirainthadhE 

- 119 thiruch chandha viruththam

My sins touched your feet and immediately those flowery feet destroyed all
the sins. Result is my soul has blossomed into without any let up and spread
in your glory. 

Oh what lines.

With this I conclude this sthuthi of raama by vaali. Trust you all enjoyed
raama naama prabhaavam through kamban's words. 

That raaman
Vantha naaL vanthu en nenjidam koNdaan
MaRROr nenju ariyaan adiyEnudai
Chinthaiyaai vanthu then pularkku ennai 
SEr kodaan idhu chikkenap peRREn 7-3-2 periya thirumozhi


Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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