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Re: Sanctification during ThiruvArAdhanam

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jul 23 2001 - 00:39:32 PDT

SrImathE Gopaladesika Mahadesikaya namah:
Dear Sri Madhusudhan,

You had asked:
Respected Srivaishnavas,

I had read in a book that before performing
aradhanai we should cleanse the water in the thirukaveri meant for
performing aradhanai by chanting the moola mantram 7 times. It was
mentioned in the book that by doing this the water from Viraja river
flowing out of the left toe of Lord Sriman Narayana flows into the
thirukaveri thus cleansing the water in thirukaveri.It is this water
that we use for aradhanai. I have an insignificant doubt here. Forgive
me again for asking silly doubts.Can we use the water which has been
cleansed by water flowing out of the Lord`s toe for performing
aradhanai(snAnAsanam,alankarasanam,and other asanams) to the lord.


You have asked a good query. At the outset, we encourage each and everyone 
of us to ask any doubt they may have. Do not feel shy or emabarassed to ask. 
No question is silly. (answers can be:-))

You must have read that from the book on Sri Vaishnavism, An elementary 
treatise for Beginners" -Sri Visishtadvaita Research Centre, Madras.

The Lord Sriya: Pathi Sriman Narayanan is always present in saaLagraamam. 
There is no need of AvAhanam (or consecration) like one does for a mUrthy 
vigraham. The OppAril appan, the unparalleled Supreme Lord who is at Parama 
Padham with His Divine Consorts and with all His Paraphrenelia stoops 
Himself with such SOWLABHYAM (easy accessibility) for all of us, and houses 
Hismelf in SaaLagraamam ("vandharuLi en nenjidankoNda vaanavar kozhundhE- 

We need to do ArAdhanam as if we have received a Young Prince or the King at 
our home. We will be excited and proud of His visiting us, but with a tinge 
of fear, naturally, so that we follow all protocol.
We need to have the devotion and mood/respect while doing Bhagavath

The saasthras have presecribed the protocol to follow during ThiruvArAdhanam 
and has been clearly described in Nithyam/ Ahnikams. That's what scholars 

As you said, we need to be pure and cleanse ourselves before even entering 
into the PerumAL sannidhi at our home.  The vessels, the sandal paste, the 
fruits and mroe impotantly ourselves need to be "made" pure.  As all of us 
know, the ThiruvashtAksharam has tremedous powers and manthra siddhi.

That's why one takes the uddhruNi full of water in lef palm; close with 
right palm. Assume the Paramapadha nAthan (who is already there in 
SaaLagraamam) with all His paraphrenelia; Assume also the Divine VirajA 
nadhI (the Line of Control between Leela vibhUthi and Nithya vibhUthi) in 
your mind; Utter ThiruvashTAksharam and invoke the water (as if it has 
sprung from virajA to the Lotus feet of the Lord into your palm.. and 
through your palm into the vessel, after sprinking on oursleves, the vessel, 
fruits, thuLasi etc..

When the four faced brahmaa, washed the Lotus Feet of the Lord (during 
TrivikramAvataar) (Brahmma katikina paadhamu- sung by SrI NNAmacharyar) the 
waters (cleansed just by being touched by His Thumb nail) became the Pure 
river Ganges and the Parama BhAgawathan Rudran held that water
on his locks before letting it flow to the earth. And perhaps that's teh 
reason why we need to contemplate the same for making our uddhruNi waters 
too as pure as Ganges and enact the same.

Thus invoking virajA is in accordance with saasthrAs and also it is more of 
an anubhavam to intensify our devotion, Dear Sri Madhu.
It is only to cleanse us, the Paathrams, and other materials and sanctify 
them for ArAdhanam.

And It is not to sanctify the saaLagramaam.

Hope I have not confounded your confusion.
Erudite scholars may please add /supplement.

Narayana Narayana
NarayaNa dAsan madhavakkannan

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