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Re: KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam :Part XV--> SlOkam 4

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Jul 20 2001 - 19:53:30 PDT

Daer BhakthAs of Lord VaradarAjA :

Today , we will study the beautiful sounding (lilting)
Fourth SlOkam :

VallikA Sruthimatha-mallikAmayee 
yEna pallavitha visvasAkhayA
SvasriyA karigirE: anukriyAm 
vashti mrushta-Varadham tamAsrayE 

Sabdha SlEsham or Double meaning is used by KurEsar 
in this slOkam . Mrushta Varadhan or parama parisuddha
Varadhan is saluted here . That most sacred of 
the sacred Varadhan (PavithrANAm Pavithra svaroopan) 
and the most auspicious of the auspicious Boon-granting
Vardha Prabhu ( MangaLAnAm cha MangaLa Varadhan ) is
saluted here by KurEsar. He is sampoorNa Jn~Ana Moorthy
( Poornam idham Poornamidha: poorNAth poorNamudachathE ).
SaraNAgathi is performed by KurEsar to this Parama mangaLa ,
SampoorNa Jn~Ana Moorthy , Lord VaradarAjan . 

KurEsar articulates the longing of the VedhAs , which wish to
emulate the Hasthigiri on which He stands; His form is like
a mighty tree with many  creepers clinging to Him as the aadhAra
Vruksham for the Vedhams . The Elephant hill reveals to the world
the glories of the Lord standing on it , where as the VedhAs
circling Him are unable to reveal the glories of their Lord with
equal efficacy.They (the Vedhams )long to have the BhAgyam of
the Elephant hill , which permits it to have the felicity to
reveal the Vaibhavam of the Lord . 

The prose order fo this slOkam is:

Sruthimatha-mallikAmayee vallika yEna pallavitha visvasAkhayA ,
svasriyA karigirE; anukriyAm vashti tamm Mrushta-Vardaham aasrayE.

1) Sruthimatha-mallikAmayee vallikA : Sruthi is Vedham ; 
Sruthimatha-mallikAmayee is the most famous(celebrated Vedhams .
VallikA is creeper clinging to a tree (Kozhu Kombhu). What is
that Gigantic tree ? It is none other than Lord VaradarAjan 
standing on top of the Hasthi Giri. 

2) yEna pallavitha VisvasAkhayA :  That tree has many branches
(SaakhAs like Vedha Saakhais). At the end of all these branches are 
tender leaves and blossoms (visvasAkhayaa pallavitham). The sabdha SlEsahm 
or double meaning is about the branches (SaakhAs) seen on the tree of Lord 
and the Vedha Vruksham having many SaakhAs. 

3) svasriyA KarigirE: anukriyAm vashti: The Vedhams through its
lustre (svasriyA ) would like to equal(anukriyA) the lustre of 
Hasthi Giri,which is rsplendent with the lustre by having the Lord 
on top of it. Vedham wishes (vashti)to have the samathvam in lustre
to the Kari Giri , which has been blessed to have the radiance
by virtue of the Lord taking residence on its top. 

4) Tamm Mrushta Varadham AasrayE : adiyEn (KurEsar) would like 
to take refuge at the sacred feet of Parisuddh Varahdan resting
on top of Hasthi Giri.

VedhAs are classified under three headings: the Knowledge (jN~Ana ) 
branch; the code of actions or conduct ( karma KaaNDam) and UpAsanA
( coming into the close proximity of the Supreme Self).The word Rk
stands for Jn~Anam , the Yajuh stands for Karma and Saama stands
for the UpAsanA . Each of these Vedhams have many branches (SaakhAs).
For instance Rg Vedham has 21 SaakhAs. Saama Vedham has 1000 saakhAs.

The Hiranyagarbha hymn ( Rg Vedham X.121) salutes the mighty 
creator , " the source of golden light , the Lord of  divine
effulgence". This hymn concludes that Lord alone will be 
the object of our adorations. 

Yajur Vedham tries to describe the glories of the Lord 
this way( Yajur VEdham: XL.8):

" He , the Lord , effulgent , --ever pure and very much
above the sins , has been circumscribing us from all the sides.
He is the One with penetrating wisdom (a superb poet), intelligence
personified , extending in all parameters, self-existing , 
and judiciously just as much and as it ought to be, He creates
commodities (of Knowledge and wealth) for His ever-existing people".

Vedham tries thus to celebrate His glories and does not do 
full justice. The Hasthi Girin however succeeds without any
strenous efforts by simply having the sambhandham of the Lord.
Vedham longs to have the bhAgyam of the Hasthigiri and tries
to attain equivalence to it by staying as the creepers circling
the Mighty Lord , who stands as a gigantic tree on
top of the Hasthi Giri. 

Sri VaradarAja ParabrahmaNE nama:
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan 



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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