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FW: Vedanta Lecture on July 29 at Bridgewater Temple by Dr. SMS Chari

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Dear Friends:

    Namaste. Please kindly distribute to all those interested. Sriranga
Smaranam, MG Prasad
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Subject: Vedanta Lecture on July 29 at Bridgfewater

Dear Friends.

    Namaste. Please distribute to your mailing list this announcement of a
Lecture on "BhagavadGita based on commentaries of Shankara, Ramanuja and
Madhva" by Dr. S.M.S. Chari, an Internationally known traditional Scholar
and author of seven books on philosophy. The lecure is at HTCS Community
Center, in The Bridgewater Hindu Temple, Ph 908 725 4477. The lecture is on
JULY 29, 2001 (SUNDAY), from 7PM to 8:30PM. Admission is Free but any
voluntary donations are welcome. All are invited. For furhter details,
please call M.G. Prasad at 201 216 5571.     Thanks for your interest. MG

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