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Daily Tulasi, Pushpa kaimkaryams from the Special Namdhavanam at Kaanchi for Lord VaradarAja PerumAL

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 07:52:34 PDT

Dear Sri VaradarAja BhakthAs : 

adiyEn is  pleased to let you know that the Kanchipuram 
VaradharAja PerumAL's Nandhavana Kaimkaryam samarpaNams 
has crossed the half way mark with the contributions of
7 BhakthAs from USA and one Bhakthar from Singapore. 

The exact amount pledged sofar is $501 as of this morning.

We need $ 499 to reach our goal of $1,000 to facilitate 
the daily samarpaNam of TuLasi and Flower Garlands for

adiyEn requests as many BhakthAs as possible from 
India and overseas to take part in this kaimkaryam
to present TuLasi and Pushpa garlands to PerumdEvi
SamEtha Varadaraaja PerumAL of PerumAl Koil worshipped 
from time immemorial by our AzhwArs and AchAryAs .

10$ , 25$ , 50$ ,75$ or 100$ or any amount of pledge 
is welcome.

The intent is to have as many bhakthAs as possible to
join this rare kaimkaryam.

We have only to imagine the Lord coming out of 
His West Gopuram gate on the back of Garudan
adorned with TuLasi and Flower garlands presented by
His BhakthAs from His own Nandahvanam .

We have only to imagine the dhivya dampathis adorning 
the garlands every day in their aasthAnam and blessing 
their children. 

We have to imagine PerumdEvi ThAyaar strolling in 
Her garden on Friday evenings adorning the Flower 
garlands made up of flowers form Her own
Nandhavanam . Swamy Desikan was the enjoyer of
these great sevais.

Towards the end of His Sri VaradarAja PanchAsath ,
Swamy Desikan visualizes the beauty of DevarAja PerumAL 
adorning fresh TuLasi Garlands after His Thirumanajanam :

  MaatangAdhrou Marakatharuchim pushNAthi maanasE na:
BhOgaiswarya priya sahacharai: kaapi LAKSHMI KADAAKSHAI:
  BhUya: ShyAmaa Bhuvana JananI DevahtA sannidhatthAm 

(Meaning): Oh VaradarAjA! Fresh TuLasi garlands presented
by Your BhakthAs adorn Your broad chest . Your natural
emerald green lustre is enhanced further by the fresh 
TuLasi garlands. MahA Lakshmi standing for BhOgam and
Isvaryam (wealth of every kind ) casts Her auspicious 
eye glances on You and enhances further the lustre of
Your ShyAmala roopa ThirumEni. May This Lord of indescribable
beauty , who is the cause of the Universe , stay forever
adorning His flower and TuLasi garlands in our minds !

Let us have the BhAgyam of kaimakrya PrApthi through
the ancient path of MaalA kaimkaryam ( Garland service
to the Lord of Hasthigiri) and take comfort from His words:

ananyAschinthayanthO Maam yE JanA: ParyupAsathE
thEshAm nithyabhiyukthAnAm YOGA KSHEMAM VAHAAMYAHAM 

With the ancient prayer of MahA BhAratham /Sri VishNu 
Sahasra Naamam , adiyEn concludes this appeal and await 
your responses on participation in this Kaimkaryam
to reach the traget figure of $1,000 :

kaayEna VaachA manasEndhriyairvaa
  bhudhyAthmanA vaa prakruthE: svabhAvAth
Karomi yadhyath sakalam Parasmai

Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari SatakOpan 



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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