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A book comprising of a collection of stotrams on Swamy Deshikan

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Wed Jul 18 2001 - 05:58:19 PDT

Swamy Deshikan Thiruvadigale Sharanam !!!

Swamy Deshikan celebrated as the third kootasthar of Srivaishnava
sampradaayam after Nammazhwar and Bhagavad Ramanuja who are celebrated as
the first and second respectively. Amongst the dashaavataarams of Lord
Srimannaarayana, avataaras of Nrusimhar, Ramar and Krishna are the
prime.while amongst acharya avataaram the avataarams of Nammazhwar, Ramanuja
and Deshika are prime.

It has been planned to bring out a book housing all the stotrams sung "ON"
Swamy Deshikan along with English summary for every verse. The summaries
will be provided by Dr. NSA. These stotrams will also find a place in the
Deshikan-CD that is at present being made. All the stotrams are in Sanskrit,
except two, one in Kannada and one in Tamil.

We are at present hoping to get some sponsorship for getting this book
printed. If any bhagavatha is interested in sponsoring this project in full
or partial, kindly let me know. The book will house 35 stotrams on Swamy

This list does not include "Deshika sahasranama stotram" comprising of 1008
naamaavali on Swamy Deshikan as this has already been published by both the
Andavan ashramams.

The list of stotrams that will be enshrined in the book follow.

1.  Deshika suprabhatam
2.  Deshika mangalam
3.  Deshika Prarthanashtakam
4.  Deshika prapattih
5.  Deshika stutih		
6.  Deshika dinacharya
7.  Deshika vigraha dhyanam	
8.  Acharya panchashat
9.  Saptatiratnamalika		
10. Acharyadvaatrimshat
11. Nigamantha deshika vimshati
12. Acharya vimshati 1 
13. Acharya vimshati 2
14. Deshika gadyam 1
15. Deshika gadyam 2
16. Vedanta guru dandakah
17. Acharyaavataraghattarthah
18. Deshika vaibhavaprakaashika stotram
19. Deshika guruvashtottarashatanamastotram
20. Deshika stutih
21. Muktakashlokah
22. Ghantavataarastavah 1
23. Ghantavataarastavah 2
24. Deshika mangalam
25. Muktaka shlokah
26. Pillai andaadi
27. Muktakashlokah
28. Venkatanatha gurustutih
29. Prasiddha taniyan shlokah
30. Vaazhitthirunaamam
31. Thirunaal paattu
32. Mysore Andavan's treatises on Deshika jIvana 108 shlokams
33. Mysore Andavan's treatise in Kannada
34. Mysore Andavan's sanskritized Pillai Andaadi

35. Deshika Sahasranaamam - By Thirukkudanthai Deshikan - Not included in
this book

If any bhagavatha would like to particpate in this kainkaryam kindly let me

vAzhi vyAkhyAmuddirak kai !!!
vedanta sUri charaNam sharaNam prapadye !!!

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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