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Re: Educate Adeyan on Food to be consumed by Sri Vaishnavas

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 17:49:31 PDT

Dear Sriman Mani,

You wrote:

> This is no doubt a most authoritative source, being the
> very words of Swami Desika. It is however misleading to
> call it "the best source" in this day and age, in my
> opinion, since the rules laid down therein apply to the India
> of the 13th century, making many of them virtually
> impossible to put into practice today.

The Niyamam were no doubt prepared in the 13th Century, but that does not
restrict us to follow as much of it as possible. It depends on the mindset
of the individual to try to, as far as possible stick to the niyamams.

> What I'm saying is that we have to understand the reasons behind
> Swami Desika's rules, as well as other principles we have in our
> religion, and carefully apply them to see how they would work
> today.  There is no easy textbook from which we can learn
> everything.

True. There are so many traditions which are now almost extinct among
present day Sri Vaishnavas. For example, the ritual of brahma yajnam is an
almost EXTINCT tradition. Brahma yajnam is a ritual which has to be included
as a part of the Sandhyavandanam (NityAnusanndhanam). This is where one
should chant one or more anUvakams from the vedas in order to keep in touch
with the vedas.

I had pointed out to the English translation of Ahara Niyamam because it is
a good set of rules reccomended for Sri Vaishnavas. Applying these rules and
putting them to practice is a bit difficult, given the present day
circumstances. However, it is wise to try and follow as much as possible.



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