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Our visit to few Nrisimha temples in A.P.
Date: Tue Jul 17 2001 - 07:32:34 PDT

Dear members of the group,
Last week, we were very fortunate to have darshan at few well known Nrisimha
kshetrams in and around Hyderabad, India.I would like to share isome
wonderful experiences  with the
We visited Yadgirigutta and Chilkoor [Srinivasa temple] on our first day.
Being a Sunday, there
was  so much crowd in Yadgirigutta that we missed what they call 'Manthra
Dandam'. It seems the archaka will tap  the devotee with a 'dandam' in
which the power of the Lord is stored and bless him with that Shakti.
On second day, we visited Vadapally,Mattapally, Vedadri, and Kanakadurga
temples.We took bath at the sangamam of the rivers Krishnaveni and Musi at
Vadapalli.and had darshan at Deepalayam [about which many of the members are
At Vadapalli, we visited Sri Agastheeswarar [Lord Shiva] temple also, where
we were blessed with Sri Satari and Theertham! I heard that it is common in
many Shiva
temples, in AP.
Next we went to Mattapally,and had darshan of Sri Rajyalakshmi Sametha Sri
Nrisimhaswamy.We heard that the same day morning, when archakas and the
devotees entered the shrine for Viswaroopam, they saw a big Cobra encircling
the Lord's Thirumeni !It did not move/stir when mangalarathy was performed
and Vedas were chanted! They had to remove it by hand after sometime ;
and all were  very much thrilled  by that incident!
In all A.P. Nrisimha Kshetrams, we noticed one common feature. There is a
Swayambhu Moorthy in the Garbhagriha and one 'utsava moorthy' and one
'kalyana moorthy' as idols along with Ubhaya nachiyar
..After visiting Vedadri
and  kanakadurga temples, we visited Mangalagiri the next day.
The temple up the hills opens for darshan only after 7 or 7-30 am;Panagam
prepared with kalkandu is special for Swamy here.After offering exactly half
of the panagam in each vessel with the help of a conch, they hear a sound
and keep the other half as prasadam!
Fortunately, one of the Archakas was a known person and we learnt that by
paying Rs. 10 per head, we can have Viswaroopa darsanam. which  should not
missed ! After one lot of devotees move out of the sanctum sanctorum after
offering 'panaagam', they
remove the 'Kavacham' and allow us to see the Thirumugam of the Lord! We can
see the open mouth in the cave where the panagam is offered;on both sides of
the lips, we can see 'Sanghu' and 'Chakram';on the upper layer of the mouth
we can see ' saligramams';and above the face we can see the Hoods of
Adiseshan!We were overwhelmed when we had this darsanam in the glow of
I will complete this in my next posting.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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