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Re: KurEsar's Sri VaradarAja Sthavam :Part XIII--> Sri VaradarAja AshtOtthara satha NaamAvaLi in the words of KurEsar and Swamy Desikan ) --> NaamAs

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 05:03:00 PDT

Dear Sri VaradarAja BhakthAs:

We will continue with the AshtOtthar Satha NaamArchanai for
the Lord of Hasthigiri and cover the naamams from 37-72.
Please add PraNavam at the start of Each each Naamam .

Sri VaradarAja AshTotthra Satha NaamAvaLi (Continued):

37. KshamiNAm Vara VaradharAjAya NamO Nama:

( Salutations to the Emperor of all , who displays
  unmatched forbearance/PoRumai !).

38. Jn~Ana-KriyA-Bhajana-Prapatthi yOga maargENa
    labhyamAna VaibhavAya NamO Nama:

(Salutations to the Lord of Hasthigiri , who can be
 rached by Jn~ana, Karma , Bhakthi and Prapathti Yogams !).

39. Anantha HasthIsAya NamO Nama:
(Salutations to the indefinable One , who can not be 
 measured by Place, Time or Vasthu /Desa-Kaala-vasthu !).

40. Taapa Thrayeemaya dhavAnala dahyamAna JanthO:
    amrutha sadhrusa Samana VaibhavAya NamO Nama:).

( Salutations to the Lord , who is like the rejuvenating 
  nectar for those chEthanams scorched by the heat of 
  the three taapams of SamsAram !). 

41. Nithya Niravadhya Nirdhvandhva SwaminE NamO Nama:

( Salutations to the Eternal, blemishless Lord Varadhan
  free from the twins of Hunger-Thirst, Sorrow-infatuation,
  attachment-hatred ,old age-death , desire-anger, et al!).

42. Seshathva Jn~Ana Daayaka SwaminE Nama:

( Salutations to the Lord , who blesses us with 
  the realization/Knowledge  that we are His 
  servants/Daasans !).

43. urudaya Varada SwaaminE Nama:

(Salutations to the great grant giving benefacor,

44. athula DayAnidhayE Nama:

(Salutations to the one wiht the matchless
 Compassion/Mercy towards the suffering Jeevans!). 

45. KshamAmbhonidhayE nama:

(Salutations to the Ocean of Forbearance !).

46. SaarvAya Nama:

(Salutations to the One , who confers auspiciousness
 on all, who seek His refuge !).

47. abhaktha Durgraha SwaminE nama:

(Salutations to the One, who is far away from
 the comprehension of those with devotion to Him !).

48. VisvajanIna SwaminE Nama:

(Salutations to the One, who wishes the kshEmam
 of all the ChEthanams !).

49. Hithaj~nyAya NamO nama:

( Salutations to the One , who seeks the Hitham
  of all Jeevans!).

50. akruthrima prEma rasa pravAha vaibhava SwAminE Nama:

(Salutations to the One , whose eyes are filled with
 the flow of natural affection for the sufferign jeevans!).

51. SriyA nishEvitha SwaminE nama:

(Salutations to the Lord enjoyed without let 
 by PerumdEvi ThAyAr!).

52. Bhaktha RaamAnuja Maanasa VaasinE Nama:

(Salutations to the One , who resides in
 the heart lotus of AchArya RaamAnujA !)  

53. Prapanna Jana samrakshA DhIkshithAya Nama: 

(Salutations to the Lord of Hasthigiri , who has
 taken the vow to protect those , who has sought 
 his rfuge !).

54. Kalsa Jaladhi KanyA vallarI kalpasAkhinE Nama:

(Salutations to the Lord , who is the supporting 
 Kalpaka Tree for the tender creeper of the daughter
 of the Milky Ocean !).

55. Muni Saarvabhouma Sthuthi VasyAya Nama:

(Salutations to the One , who is enchanted by 
 the eulogies of the great sages and grnats them 
 their wishes!).

56. AvyAja Vathsala SwaminE Nama:

(Salutations to the Lord , who overlooks the aparAdhams
 of the jeevans and accepts the Jeevan and blesses them.
 He has svAbhAvika Vaathsalyam to the errign Jeevan and
 accepts him , once he makes a small effort of Praapthti).

57. Mandha MathinAm sumathi sarasvathi dhAyaka SwAminE Nama:

(Salutations to the Lord , who grants fort he dull-witted,
 the boon of  true knowledge and KalyANi Vaak to benefit from 
 that Jn~Anam !).

58. SarvalOka Namaskrutha SwaminE namO nama:

(Salutations to the Lord worshipped by one and all!).

59. Satya vratha KshEthra nATAya Nama:

(Salutations to the One who is the Lord of
 Satya Vratha KshEthram , where all observed 
 rites come to fruition without fail !).

60. SamsAra vArinidhi santhrANaika pOthAya Nama:

(Salutations to the Lord , who serves as the Boat
 to get us across the terrifying ocean of SamsAram !).

61. Sarga-sTithi-praLaya-vibhrama naaDaka rasikAyaA nama:

(Salutations  to the Lord, who enjoys the play with
the many acts of Creation , Sustenance and destruction !).

62. Virinchi-SivayO: madhyE vihitha avathArAya nama:

(Salutations to the Lord , who took the avathAram between 
 BrahmA and Sivan through Your own sanklapam !You are
 ParamAthmA and they are Karma paravasarkaL. ). 

63. MaayA vasEna MakarAdhi SarIra dharAya Nama:

(Salutations to the One , who took on the roopm
 of Fish/Mathsyam and other avathArams by virtue of 
 His sankalpam !).

64. Sarva CharAcharAthmanE nama:

(Salutations to the One, who has the entire 
 assembly of sentients and insentients as His 
 body/SarIram !) 

65. anapAya Vaacha: sarva vachasAm avasAna SeemAya Nama:

(Salutations to the One , who is the end point of all
the words of the eternal VedhAs !) 

66. Sarva KaaraNathva SvaroopAya Nama:

(Salutations to the One , who is saluted by 
 the blemishless VedAs as the root cause of 
 the world/ Jagath KaaraNthvam!).

67. ThrAthApadhi Nigamadhruma RakshakAya Nama:

(Salutations to the protector of the Tree of
 VedhAs at times of danger !).

68. SarvagathAya Nama:

(Salutations to the Lord, who is present in
 all objects of creation just as ghee in
 the milk !).

69. SusookshmAya nama:

(Salutations to the Lord , who through His
 anupravEsam exists in the most subtle manner 
 inside all His creations !).

70.akhila-hEya-Vipaksha BhUthAya Nama:

(Salutations to Lord VaradarAjan , who is 
 Parabrahmam without any blemishes whatsoever:
 akhila hEya Prathyaneekan , who is sitting on
 the opposite scale of hEyam !).

71. SaanthOdhithva SvaroopAya Nama:

(Salutations to the Lord , who presents
 Himself in one of His Bhagavath Svaroopam ,
 SaanthOdhitham or the embodiment of Saanthi 
 to His devotees!).

72. NithyOdhithva SvaroopAya Nama:

(Salutations to the One , who presents
 Himself to the NithyAs (Eternally liberated 
 Ones in Srivaikuntam )in His NithyOdhitha
 Bhagavath Svaroopam!).

Sri PerumdEvi SamEtha VaradarAja ParabrahmaNE Nama:
Daasan, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SatakOpan

P.S 1: Please join in the Nadavana kaimkaryam to
present Lord VaradarAjan with TuLasi and Flower
garlands every day of the year !

P.S 2: I will conclude with the final posting containing
NaamAs 73-108 tomorrow.  


           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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