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Dr. Chari's Vedanta Lectures in Washington DC Area

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Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 08:16:14 PDT

These are the details of Dr. SMS Chari's lecture series in Washington D.C
areas :

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Hari Om Everyone:

"Rarely you come across a discourse on the comparative
study of the three philosophies of Hinduism - Advaita,
VishishhTaadvaita and Dvaita.  Here is such a unique
occasion for you to benefit from.

You must have received the earlier posting about Dr.
Chari's Vedantic Lectures from Sunday July 22 to
Friday July 27, 2001 from 8 to 9.30 p.m. at 5822
Ipswich Road, Bethesda, MD 20814.  You will find the
details in the flier. This has been sponsored by the
Chinmaya Mission.

This is just to remind you and to urge you to attend
these lectures by an eminent scholar and hear his
systematic scholarly analysis of Hinduism from the
perspective of the different schools of thought.

Sunday July 22 to Thursday July 26th - Lectures
Friday July 27th:  Question and Answer Session

Kailas Niwas, 46 Norwood Road, Silver Spring, MD 20905
Tel: 301-384-5009   FAX: 301-384-1204

Sponsors a series of lectures by Dr. S.M.S. Chari on

Comparative Analysis of Vedantic Schools of
Advaita, VishishhTaadvaita and Dvaita

from Sunday 22 July 2001 to Friday 27 July 2001 at
          (Dates have been revised, please note)

5822 Ipswich Road, Bethesda, MD 20814

Lecture Time:      8:.00 P.M. to 9:30 P.M.

Dr.Chari will provide a systematic scholarly analysis
of Advaita, VishishhTaadvaita and Dvaita from the
point of Upanishads, Brahma suutra and Bhagawat Geeta
- the prasthaana trayam of the Hindu religion.  He
will be examining the nature of Brahman, the nature of
Jiiva, the nature of the world and the interrelation
between them from the point of shruti, smR^iti and
nyaaya prasthaanas.

Sri Saragoor Maadaboosi Srinivasachari hails from the
village of Saragoor near Mysore, Karnataka.  Sri Chari
has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Madras
in the 1940s.  He is a learned Sanskrit scholar having
been tutored by eminent traditional scholars. Dr.
S.M.S. Chari joined the Ministry of Education,
Government of India and retired in 1976 as the Joint
Educational Advisor.  He has traveled widely,
participated in International conferences and seminars
abroad and lectured at Universities on aspects of
Indian Philosophy and Religion. He is the author of
seven philosophical books, which include Advaita and
VishishhTadvaita, Fundamentals of VishishhTaadvaita
Philosophy, Theistic Mysticism of Alvars, Vaishnavism-
Its Philosophy, theology and Religious Discipline and
Philosophy of Vedantasuutra. Also, he has published
many articles in philosophical journals.

Direction: Take 495 toward Bethesda and/or Silver
Spring. Take Exit (36) to MD-187 old Georgetown Road.
Go North on Old Georgetown Road toward Rockville. Take
the first right onto Kingswood Road. Take a right onto
Broad Street. Take a left onto Ipswich Road. The house
is the 3rd on the right-hand side.  Call Geetha Bansal
at (301-564-1559) for additional help.

Contact: For further information, contact
Sadananda (703-451-5909) or
S. Balan (703- 845-0524) or
Ram Chandran (703-912-5790) or
Geetha Bansal (301-564-1559)

Note: The lectures are free to everyone.  Please also
note that the estimated costs for organizing these
lectures will be $2000.00 and we welcome your generous

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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