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FW: sri rama sthuthi- post 6

From: M.G.Vasudevan (
Date: Mon Jul 16 2001 - 04:06:32 PDT

Dear Sri Vaishnava perunthagaiyeer,

We saw in earlier post the aavi pOm vElai vaai aRivu thanthavan karuNai, to
vaali and he wonders the greatness of raama just at the time of death,
having realised who is just standing in front and talks about dharmam. So
vaali praising that raamaa as you are 3 and 1 among 3 etc. See nam aazhvaar
in his thiru vaai mozhi
ThaanEyaagi niRainthu ellaa ulagum uyirum thaanEyaai
ThaanE yaan enbaan aagi thannaith thaanE thudhiththu  -- 10-7-2
nammaazhvaar thiruvaai mozhi

Thaan Or uruvE thani viththaai thannil moovar mudhalaaya
VaanOr palarum munivarum maRRum maRRum muRRumaai
1-5 -4 nammaazhvaar thiruvaai mozhi
See kamban simply follows nam aazhvaar. In the raama sthuthi by viraadhan
also we enjoyed kamban following aazhvaar in many places. This moovar nee
mudhalvan nee muRRum nee maRRum nee also is an echo of these two paasurams.
See the words of aazhvaar also are simply adopted and the style of
presentation alone changed.

Now let us see the next verse--
Puram elaam eri seithOn mudhalinOr poruvilaa
Varam elaam uruvi en vasaiyilaa valimai saal
Uram elaam uruvi en uyir elaam nugaru nin
Saram alaal piRidhu vERu uLadhO dharumamE

Meaning for certain words:
Puram eri seithOn - thrirpuram eriththa sivan- sivan who burnt the town
called thiripuram- sivan is also known as thiripuraanthagan
Poru ilaa- oppu ilaa - incomparable
Vasai- maasu -kuRRam -blemish curse scold
Uram- sakthi- valimai- thiRam - strength

Meaning: Oh raamaa! Is there any greater dharmam in this world than your
arrows. I received incomparable and limitless boons from Sivan who burnt the
thripuram. But you nullified all these boons and made them powerless to
protect me, then pierced my powerful chest, protected by these boons, with
your arrow. So you have established the greatness of your arrows and thereby
the dharmam.

Points: 1. Kamban wants to establish the greatness of raama by saying even
though sivan and others can give boons to protect their devotees, in front
of raamaa all these boons are useless. He puts these words into the
character of vaali to say "But in front of you, Oh raamaa! these boons given
by all others including the great sivan, who burnt the thripuram, are
useless and you alone can give your great karuNai- grace or punish in spite
of these boons.

2. Even a punishment by him or his aides like the kodhandam is a boon since
it carries that great raama naamam and strikes. When that naama strikes, the
naama grants the realisation and thus lead to mOksham. That is why in the
beginning of reciting the raamaayaNam we start with 'koojantham raama
raamEthi madhuram madhuraaksharam - the letters making that raama naama is
so sweet- thEn to just mention what Sampath rangarajan states in his series.
Raama naamam madhuram. Aksharam raa and maa are madhuram.  

3. The sri vaishnava principle of he alone can protect and in front of him
others are useless is put out very nicely. Only he can decide in spite of
all these boons or bane's.

Before I conclude this post the next verse

Maavalach chooliyaar vaazhththunarkku uyar varam
OvalaRRu udhaval nin oru thanip peyar iyambu
Avalippudamaiyaal aagum apporuLaiyaam
DhEva niRkaNdaveRku aridhu enO thErinE.


Vasudevan M.G.

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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