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Teach me Complete Sandhyavandam Procedure and Mantras as to be followed by Yajur Ved Sampradayam

From: Anand Iyengar (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 00:59:48 PDT

Oh Learned Ones and Knowledgeable Ones

Adiyan, begs your attention for giving me knowledge of
performing Upakarma as laid down in Yajur Vedas.
Adiyan, would be very grateful to be blessed with the
information if u learned ones wish. There are so many
Sandhyavandnam procedures are sold in market,Adiyan is
confused and unable to understand which is to be
performed. Adiyan is to follow procedures laid in
Yajur Ved. Adiyan feels and believes Sandhyavandanam
is basics and needs to be performed religiously and in
right manner, though has been practising by self since
the days of Rights of Sacred Thread were performed on
Adiyan in 1986 by his parents. Your help in providng
with right way to perform the Sandhyavandanam in
Yajurvedic way would be great solace to this Adiyan.



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