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MandalaabhishEkam at Sri Ranganatha Temple : July 14,2001 and Sri ANDAL Birthday Celebrations on July 21, 2001

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 12:04:10 PDT

Dear Sri RanganAtha BhakthAs:

Plans for these two important celebrations 
have been finalized now . On behalf of the Temple
Board , I would like to invite your particpation 
with family and friends at these events and recieve 
the anugrahams of Lord Ranganathan and Sri Ranga NaacchiyAr ,
Andal, VenugOpAlan, Srinivasan , Lakshmi Narasimhan 
Lakshmi HayagrIvan and Ramachandran along with 
those of the AzhwArs and AchAryAs. 

This Saturday , the RanganAthA Temple will celebrate
the MandalAbhishEkam , which concludes formally 
the MahA samprOkshaNam ceremonies conducted on
May 27. After 48 days of three times worship (AarAdhanam )
per day and Sacred baths for the deities at the 8 sannidhis,
the invocation of the Lord's complete presence (PoorNa-
Saannidhyam )at their sannidhis will be assured .

Five of the eight Bhattars , who participated in the MahA-
SamprOkshNam ceremonies will complete the MandalaabhshEkam
and then return to their temples in India. Three Bhattars 
will stay behind to perform the nithyArAdhanams and
special uthsavams. 

On MandalAbhishEkam day , consecrated waters 
from 81 kalasams(vessels) will be used in 
the Thirumanjanam (scred baths)for the Murthys.
At the conclusion of these ceremonies , You are welcome to
acquire one of these kalasams through the sponsorship of
the MandalaabhishEkam ($108 per family). The consecrated
waters from the 81 kalasams will be carried to the individual 
sannidhis for the abhishEkam .You can sponsor abhishEkam
for your favorite deity (ishta dhaivam ) at one of the eight
sannidhis. You are ofcourse most welcome to sponsor
abhishEkam for more than one sannidhi. 

These Copper Kalasams are very auspicious ones to have in
one's house. They can be used to perform sandhyAvandhanam
by men and abhishEkams to SaaLagraamams and AarAdhana
Moorthy or can be placed at the pooja graham . 

The Temple web site (
has informative digital photo imagess of the May 27
MahA SamprOkshaNam events (65 images in all) and
10 pictures of the temple from different directions .
The actual MahA samprOkshaNam pictures ( particularly 
26,33 and 50 ) makes one feel the closeness of this
new temple amidst us to Srirangam (Aadhi Rangam) .
The picture of Para VaasudEvan in the Sriranga 
VimAnam at the Pomona Temple is incredibly 
beautiful .The Golden kalasams shine in the sun
and nestle in the green foliage of the ancient
Taconic mountains going back to 4.5 Billion years. 

Those who have not visited the temple would have 
a good experience of the MahA SamprOkshaNam done
in the most authentic manner.Those who attended 
the MahA samprOkshaNam will be able to recognize 
themselves in the assembled digital photos. They
are part of the temple history now.

The Temple Needs Your Help
The expenses related to the building of  
the Temple and MahA SamprOkshanam are 
a little more than ONE MILLION Dollars. 
We need to recover some of the expenses and
maintain the AarAdhanams and observe the Uthsavams
for Lord RanganAthA and deities at the other sannidhis.

Your steady and strong support is needed to 
take care of the expenses incurred. Please 
come forward and sponsor the various kaimkaryams
and use the resources of the temple for worship
and celebrations of the special events in your 
and Your family's lives such as Weddings , Upanayanam , 
anniversaries et al. You can become life members($1,116
donation ), Donors ($5,000 donation ) or Benefactors
( 10,000$ donations) and see to that the high standards
of the worship at the temple continue to be maintained. 

Please contact any one of us for additional information
on ways in which you wish to support this temple and
offer homage to Lord RanganAtha at His Pomona temple:

Dr. Venkat Kanumalla , Treasurer:
Dr. K. Raghunathan , Chairman:
Dr.Ayalla Murthy , Vice Chair:
Dr.V.Sadagopan , Vice Chair:
Srimathi Nagu Satyan, Secretary:

I will provide details about the ANDAL Birthday
celebrations next week .Meanwhile , please join us 
on July 14 for once-in-a life time particpation
in the completion of the MandalAbhishElkam of
the deities marking the completion of the NahA-
SamprOkshaNam . 


Sri RanganAtha ParabrahmaNE Nama:



           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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