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Re: social service and SrIvaishNavam

From: Rajagopalan Srinivasan (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 07:15:08 PDT

>I wonder why u are not aware of the fact that
>annadhanam is being made in
>almost all DD irrespective of caste creed or color,
>when the necessity arises.
>and in most of the places it is made daily to the

To the best of my knowledge Anadhanam is a 7/24/365 ritual in
only very few places and most of them are in AP not TN. Bulk of the money 
for these activities comes from Non SriVaishnavas.

>If a common practise of allowing all the people to
>have food daily in the math premises
>is made , then we ourselves are making them lazy.

>From what I have seen, the real HAVE NOTS do not simply come in ,
eat, wash and walk off. But I have seen many SriVaishnavas doing that.
On top of that they make unwanted criticisms on the environs, food, people 
etc.., The HAVE NOTS after eating do chores like cutting fire wood, cleaning 
up the place etc.., I know of an incident were a bunch of them erected an 
entire building in less than 30 days to accommodate  head of a Mutt. This 
they did in a remote place cut off by rising floods.

>India is a place where everyone could do some sort of
>job to survive.
>it is place filled with oppurtionities.
>As the lord in Sri Bhagavad Gita tells, one has to do
>his duties too correctly,
>so being a commoner, it is his duty to work and earn .
>if we make a practise of feeding them on day to day
>we are not only spoiling them but also moving against
>the teachings of the GIta

But the same Lord also says that we should help each other.
HE created differences in wealth, knowledge, status etc.., not only
based on one's karma palan but also to see how best we mortals try to 
establish a balance.

One cannot expect to convert or revert criticisms by merely asserting ones 
staunchest beliefs. To meet these ends, one must be prepared to go the whole 
length of testing and verification by accepted and accredited methods.

Rajagopalan, Srinivasan

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