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Re: Aditya as dvadashAtman. Question

From: Rajeev Karamchedu (
Date: Thu Jul 12 2001 - 05:12:57 PDT

Sri Brahmatantra Swatantra Parakala Guru Paramparaayai Nama:


Thanks in advance for all your enlightening postings.
The 12 names of Aditya that are mentioned below are different
from the ones that are mentioned in Aruna Prasnam.
>From my limited understading, I believe that the following
lines of Aruna Prasna (aka Surya Namaskara Prasna) identifies
8 Suryas/Adityas

"aarogo bhraajaH paTara patangaH
svarNaro jyotishhiimaan vibhaasaH....

Is there any relation between the 12 Adityas you have mentioned
and the above 8 ?



----Original Message Follows----
In the Vedhic parlance , Vasu-Rudra-AadhithyAs
go together.
AadhithyAs are 12 in number and are linked to
the solar months.
They have a complex evolution starting from Rg Vedham
to PurANAs of later date.
Rg Vedam recognizes 6 AadhithyAs , the Taittiriya
BrAmanam accounts for 8 AadhithyAs and Sathapatha
BrahmaNam accepts 12 AadhithyAs and links them to
the 12 Months of the Year.
The Names of the AadhithyAs are:
1. MithrA (Friendship/Solidarity) 2. AryamAn(Chivalry)
3. Bhagaa( the inherited share) 4. Tvashtar
(craftsmanship)5. Pooshan(Prosperity) 6. Vivasavth
(ancestral Laws) 7. Savitr( Vivifier/the magic power
of words)8. Sakraa ( Courage)9. VaruNaa (fate)10.Dakshaa
( ritual skill) 11. Amsaa(the God's given share)
and (12) VishNu (Cosmic Law/All pervading Light of
Knowledge/The Cosmic Law pervading the three worlds ).
Each Aadhithyaa has a special symbolism .
For instance , Pooshan is recognized as
the Nourisher .

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